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The Performance of one of our Transformer is verified by its Spectrum

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Bartolucci in the World

diyAudio - Hi-end GM70 amplifier with only 2 stages

I have started the measurements of this configuration using Bartolucci interstage 1:1 48H INT8C and Tango X-10S (soon I will test Bartolucci OPT)

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diyAudio - Hi-end 845 with only two stage

We have compared the sound of the all Tango solution to the all Bartolucci set in the GM70 amplifier. All the persons present have considered the Bartolucci result better than Tango.

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audiofaidate - Trasformatore con rapporto qualità/prezzo

Non avrei dubbi nello scegliere la versione inscatolata. Il problema può essere effettivamente il calore dissipato, ma direi che ti puoi affidare tranquillamente a Bartolucci, saprà ben lui come dimensionare la resistenza termica dei componenti.

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Milano Hi-End 2009

Bartolucci Transformers Stand on Milano Hi-End in 2009, the event for Hi-End Audio.

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813 / GM70 amplifier with Bartolucci transfomers

This amplifier without modifications will allow to use the GM70 and the 813 (FU-13) output tubes.

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Bartolucci Transformers - how do they perform?

Has anyone in reading, ever tried a product from Bart? Pls. describe quality. If You have tried the "Linestage output Model 2" it would be perfect.

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MC Transformer Listening Notes

But with the sole exception of the Bartolucci, which possesses a measurable and very audible frequency response aberration, these transformers sounded very, very alike in those areas.

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Vacuum Tube Valley's SE Transformer Test

These attractive transformers are hand-wound in Italy by G. Bartolucci and feature double C-core construction. They all have 4/8/16 secondaries, solid brass hookup terminals, and are beautifully potted in black, squared, all-steel cans.

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The Italian Job – G point Audio meets Tektron – Italia

Bartolucci means exactly the same as Ferarri or Bugatti mean in automotive circles. So this is strictly ” Cream de la creme “.

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A 30W 300B PP Monoblock You Can Build

Bartolucci Transformers mentioned on this e-book written by Kevin Kennedy

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